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Request: Course Design

Service Summary

Course design at NYU Steinhardt has two tracks, Informal and Formal.


The Formal process consists of rigid due dates (8 dates), structured architectural and blueprinting process, and formalized project management routine (consisting of weekly status reports sent to stakeholders). 

When the process is formal, the Faculty Course Designer is receiving compensation in order to complete/engage in the process


When a project is informal, it is rarely at the direction of NYU Steinhardt Leadership and is taken on as a adhoc-ly. 

When the process is Informal, the faculty member is not receiving compensation and is doing a review of their course for purely faculty performance and course improvement motivations. 


Formal Course Design

Only Full-Time faculty are eligible and must have an approved course for re/design (by Vice Dean of Academic Affairs).They may request this service by reaching out to the Associate Dean of Academic Operations for approval and further discussion.

Informal Course Design

All Faculty, Staff, Adjuncts,  and Researchers are eligible for informal course design work. This work does not require approvals by Steinhardt Leadership. They may request this service by reaching out to


  • When a community member enters into the course design process, they are assigned an Academic Technology Partner who will work with the client on developing their course.
  • The process will solely utilize NYU’s Google Suite, Lucid Chart, and Zoom for video conferencing needs.
  • If the community member fails to meet deadlines, the project will be at risk.
  • At risk projects may result in reprioritization



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