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Instructional Design: Course Refresh & New Faculty Training

Okay, the semester is over and I want to change a piece of media content. What do I do?

The first thing is to email the request to A ticket will be created and Academic Technology will assess the project scope (timeline, budgetary requirements [if any], other additional considerations) and will determine if and when the project could be accepted (and by whom on the AT team). It is likely that a project will be accepted by AT as long as enough lead-up time is provided.

Will a new faculty member teaching the online course get trained on NYU Brightspace?

We will train any faculty member teaching the course in a 1:1 training session. Since we helped develop it as a team partnership, we think it’s important to ensure its success by being present each semester for refreshes and faculty training.

Will someone help me run the live sessions if I need it?

If a faculty member determines they need an AT Co-Pilot during that first synchronous class, AT will be more than willing to assist! We want faculty to feel comfortable and capable. While we won’t be able to jump on Zoom for all synchronous sessions (there just aren’t enough hours in the day) we will definitely be accessible for that first or second session (or both!). Be rest assured, we won’t blindly launch you into your first online session with no training or practice! We’ll have at least one Zoom (video conferencing tool) session ahead of the first class to ensure the faculty member feels comfortable and capable of performing typical tasks (i.e., sharing the screen, using the poll feature, activating breakout groups, etc.). That Zoom training will be incorporated into the faculty training of NYU Brightspace.

What do we (the academic department or program) need to do in order to train a new faculty member and refresh a course each semester (or each year)?

We’ve developed so many courses over the years, we need the department to alert us when a faculty member needs help preparing to teach one of our online courses or refreshing its content. Please let us know at least 2 months in advance that 1) a faculty member will need training and 2) the course will need to be refreshed for the next semester (i.e., Fall Semester → July 1, JTerm → November 1, Spring Semester → November 1, Summer → March 1). Just email to get the course on the list!

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