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The Brightspace Learning Program (Brightspace Pre-Release) are informative training presentations on NYU's new Learning Management System ( Here are answers to frequently asked questions regarding Brightspace. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will my announcements send a forceful email notification to students? How do I go about sending email reminders?
As of right now, the notifications are dependent on the student's own settings. The university is in the works of changing certain notifications to be guaranteed.

I have my syllabus already created on the Google Suite. Can I embed this in the Syllabus page?
You can embed your syllabus into your Brightspace site! For it to display properly, you do have to perform some additional steps. We can help you in a one-on-one session, or send you further instructions if you are interested.

Should I wait for my course site to be copied over to BrightSpace to start working on it? How does the course look after being copied from NYU Classes?
We can copy your course site over now and you can check it out and see what you think. If it looks okay to you (and helpful!) we can help you move that into your official spring 21 Brightspace course site

Can we hide Tools (like Discussions, Calendar, Grades) from the main toolbar in my course site to avoid confusion for students?
At the moment, no--the toolbar is the only thing that is permanently displayed to retain consistency between Brightspace course sites. (This is subject to change)

How accurate is the progress tracker for students?
The progress tracker will mark a content page as completed if a student has viewed the page. It does not track visiting hyperlinks or viewing videos if they are embedded in the page. If there is a discussion prompt, quiz, or activity that the students are asked to complete, only viewing the page will not complete this on the tracker. We recommend keeping content that you would like to track as separate content pages or sub-modules underneath the module.

Can I insert a direct link to a Zoom meeting in the content pages?
Unlike inserting files, videos, or links, Zoom meeting links have to be first created in the Zoom tool, and then the meeting link ( has to be copied and pasted into the content page.

When assigning dates for modules, what does the End-Date and Due Date signify? What if a module is not completed after the End-Date and the Due-Date?
Due Date = date the assignment or content is due and should be turned in for full credit. Work can be submitted after the due date and before the end date. If no end date is inputted, materials can still be submitted. 

End date = last date the assignment or content is available and will accept submissions

Inputting dates are not required to create your content. 

What are best practices and guidelines for sharing content found online in your course site? Are there differences between sharing images, video, and music? 
When sharing images, make sure to add alternative text to the images for accessibility to screen readers (it will automatically prompt you when using the Insert Image icon). When it comes to sharing content from online, it will depend if you want the content to be displayed within the course, or as an external link. 

Images - copy and pasting the image directly from your source site.

Videos - utilize insert stuff → insert link.  

Music - utilize insert stuff → insert link.


What does it mean when a course site is labeled as “inactive” when seen on the home page? What will happen when the Spring 2021 semester (or when the course is active) starts?
A new course that is created is always set to inactive.The students cannot see any content on it, they cannot access the course. Here is more information on how to activate your course site. Having an “inactive” course is very similar to having an unpublished NYU Classes site. You will have to change this active/inactive setting manually--It will not automatically change in Spring 2021 (as of now, 12/16/2020).

I’m having issues with recording Video Notes on BrightSpace. Are there restrictions or settings I have to change with my webcam? 
There are two main reasons why your webcam might not show up when using Video Notes:

  1. If you are using a Mac, change control access to your camera settings.
  2. Enable camera access in your Web Browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox


Is there an easy or better way to align images and formatting? How do I wrap text around other images? 
When using the rich-text editor, text around images will automatically wrap. A good way to organize where the text and images are arranged is to use the table tool to create partitions. You can then adjust cell size and easily paste and insert images.

What is GradeMark? Can you cover it in the next session? 
GradeMark is a feedback tool on assignments that is provided by TurnItIn, for instructors to write-in feedback to student-submitted assignments. We will go into more detail on its features and what it looks like in the optional third session!

How do you create groups in Brightspace? Can the students communicate and share resources with those pre-made groups? 
Creating groups can be done with the “groups” tool in the more tools dropdown. Groups can have separate access to assignments, discussions, and even collaborate files with something called “lockers”.


When an instructor emails students from an active Brightspace site, is there a link to the course site automatically included in the email?

No. You would need to manually include the link to the course in the email. However, if you publish an announcement, the students will receive an email with the announcement and a link to the course in the email.

Is there a way for instructors to see if all their students visited the site at least once?

Yes, you can see how many times a student has logged into the course by going to More tools > Class Progress > "Logins".


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