Start of Fall 2021 Technology Support


STS Helpdesk Support Hours

Please note that all support requests will be first be handled remotely, and then escalated

  • 2-HELP Phone and Remote Support:
    • First few weeks of semester: 8am-7pm, Monday-Thursday
    • Thursday, September 2 until the end of September
  • In-Person Support
    • First few weeks of semester:
      • IT Support: 9am-5pm
      • AVM Support: 8am-7pm
  • In-Person Art Department Support
    • 9am-8pm Monday-Friday
  • In-Person MPAP Department Support
    • MPAP Computer Support: 9am-6pm
    • MPAP AV/Studio Support: 8am-11pm
  • Any changes to the support hours/delivery of services will be communicated to the larger Steinhardt community. All changes will be updated on our website,

Helpdesk Support Model (All Groups)

  • Support requests will first be fielded remotely, then escalated based on need.
  • Walk-in support is available, though resolution during a walk-in support session is not guaranteed.
  • Any support request submitted to our helpdesk should be acknowledged within one hour of submission (during business hours). 
  • For in-person support, technician schedules and availability vary, please state the urgency of the request as there might be limited options for support during your timeframe.
  • Non-urgent requests may be delayed during high-traffic periods.
  • All interactions should meet NYU specified requirements regarding CVOID-19 safety.
  • All loaner equipment pickup and returns must be accomplished during business hours unless otherwise noted. These interactions must be scheduled in advance to ensure technician availability.

AVM Support Model

  • Response for all in-person and online courses (using Zoom) will continue to be within a 15 minute window of receiving the request during hours of operation based on technician availability.
  • All standby support for courses and departmental meetings, will require a minimum 72 hours notice. For event support we will require a minimum of one week’s notice (seven calendar days) to accommodate a consultation and needed testing in advance of your meeting.
  • Should there be a report of damaged or faulty equipment AVM will investigate during room availability by the end of the next business day.


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