NYU Print Service: Getting Started, Printing, and Workflow

Starting February 2, 2023 & continuing thru March, 2023

  • All NYU Steinhardt copiers (Multifunction Devices / MFDs) will be replaced with new MFDs with a card reader you will use to release your print jobs.

You will need to tap your NYU ID card, use a unique pin, or scan a QR code on a mobile device to securely release your print job. The job will not print without one of these steps and will be held in the Pharos Sentry Print queue until you are ready to release it using your NYU ID card.

  • You will also need to use one of the above methods to access copy, scan, or fax
  • All MFDs will have pre-set sustainable printer settings, including black & white and duplex printing

Who can use this service?

All NYU full-time faculty, staff, researchers, adjuncts, and doctoral students have access to these devices. Other community members who may need access will need to send a request to Steinhardt Technology Services (steinhardt.technology@nyu.edu) so our team can evaluate the access request.


Getting Started

  • An application called Pharos Sentry Print will be automatically installed on your NYU-owned computer. Although you do not need to be in the office to have the software installed, you need to be connected to NYU’s network. 
  • If you need assistance in getting the software on your NYU-provided device, please contact Steinhardt Technology Services for support and have your computer name ready. 
  • Please follow the three step process to get your computer ready for printing for the first time. It is recommended that you complete the setup when you are on campus.
    • Step 1: Register your device on the Pharos application with your netID, password, and MFA duo authentication. Then 
    • Step 2: Find a printer. Each floor at NYU Steinhardt has a MFD, but not all may be deployed (all should be deployed by end of March 2023).
    • Step 3: Choose a method of authenticating on the printer: by tapping your NYU ID card on the printer, using your personal PIN code, or by scanning a QR code to the Pharos application.

Helpful Links

What support is available?

If you encounter difficulties and/or need additional assistance installing Pharos Sentry Print software, please contact steinhardt.technology@nyu.edu.

If you encounter difficulties and/or need additional assistance with the hardware on the new MFDs (for example error messages or supplies), please contact customersupport@tgioa.com for assistance.

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