Assessment & Evaluation: Rubrics


Rubrics' criteria break down performance expectations into a list of dimensions (also called competencies, assignment aspects, skills, etc.). Each dimension contains descriptions articulating ranges of high to low-performance outcomes. When shared early, the criteria will promote goal-oriented and actionable performance, especially for assignments without a clear right or wrong answer. Rubric’s feedback and score also promote fairness, transparency, and consistency across participants. 




Brightspace Rubrics

  • Analytic
    • Supports multiple dimensional achievement criteria composed of columns and rows. There is grading weighting and points, custom points, and text scoring. 
    • Useful for assessing complex tasks requiring multiple skills and areas. 
  • Holistic
    • Supports one-dimensional achievement criterion with only percentage or text scoring.

Tips & Suggestions

  • Promote clear expectations for participants.
  • Useful for assignments without clear right or wrong answers.
  • May simplify grading by promoting structure and organization.
  • Adding descriptions into dimensions models performance expectations.
  • May reduce arguments or confusion over grading outcomes.
  • Share the rubric ahead of time to promote participants staying on track toward goals.
  • Add rubric(s) into:
    • The syllabus.
    • Brightspace assignment. Note a rubric is visible on a submission page after adding it to the assignment.
  • Existing Brightspace rubrics can be reused for different assignments.
  • The consistency of rubrics and the feedback saves time in grading. Another benefit is timely feedback for participants.
  • The consistency of rubrics may identify areas that need improvement in the curriculum. 
  • Participants can reflect on their performance against clear criteria.


  • Add a rubric to a Brightspace assignment. When creating an assignment, select “Evaluation  & Feedback” on the right side. Select “Add rubric” and select either “create new”  or “add existing”.
  • Rubrics will be found on the assignment submission’s evaluation page. The rubric dimensions are selectable and automatically update the score value. 
  • Rubrics and scores can be viewed by participants after feedback is published.

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