Troubleshooting: Brightspace Assignments Reject Submissions

Brightspace’s Assignments may reject files from uploading and submitting. A number of reasons can cause the technical issue. Please, refer to this guide’s resources and strategies to find solutions to rectify the issue.


How to submit an Assignment (for students)

For additional information or assistance, email

We recommend trying the solutions below:

  • Double-check if an allowed file extension is requested on the Assignment submission instructions (e.g. pdf, etc). Please, submit the requested file type. If you have questions, contact your instructor.
  • Use Chrome browser.
  • Clear Chrome browser cache/cookies (instructions)
  • Double-check that your assignment files contain no spaces or special characters. Use only letters, numbers, and periods. Example: ThomasAssignment2.pdf not ThomasAssignment@99$_*\:).pdf
  • For multiple files, select all the files in the upload screen.
  • For Mac users - check for Operating System updates (instructions)
  • Wait for all the assignments to fully upload when you submit. There is a green progress bar right after you select and upload files from your computer into the Brightspace Assignment submission screen.








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