Course Setup: Bulk Uploading Classlist to NYU Brightspace Site


With admin level access in NYU Brightspace (school admin or course admin), you can bulk upload a classlist into an NYU Brightspace course site, project site, or practice site as a .csv or .txt file. 



Video of the process.


Steps to bulk uploading a classlist

  1. Go your NYU Brightspace course site. 
  2. Click More Tools then Classlist from the dropdown menu.


  1. Click Add Participants then Import users from a file on your computer


  1. On the page titled Import Existing Users From File, you can upload the prepared .csv or .txt file. There is also a Sample File available for download on that page that includes sample data formatted in the correct way for upload. Note: the format in the Sample File must be maintained for correct upload
    • The format of the information in the file should be as follows:  Username, Section, Role. See the Tips & Suggestions section below for more details on formatting the sample file for bulk upload 
  2. When you’ve completed adding to the file, save the file on your device as a .csv or .txt file.  
  3. On the Import Existing Users from File page, click Choose File


  1. Select the file you’d like to upload, then Import


  1. The Confirmation of Enrollment page will appear. Any errors with the file upload will be listed with a description of the error. If any errors appear you may correct them then reupload the file. 


  1. When finished, click Add More Participants to add more users to the course site, or Done to finish and close the page. All users will automatically be added to the course site. 



Tips & Suggestions

  • For official single-section courses, the section name is the same as the course’s offering code. 
    • To find the course’s offering code in NYU Brightspace, go to More Tools > All Course Tools > Course Offering Information > Course Offering Code
  • Be sure sot add the word Manual before the role when adding an instructor or student role (i.e. Manual Student, Manual Instructor, Manual Course Administrator). 
  • Example of a single-section course:  tst623, SP22_ABC-XYZ_12_S_001, Manual Student  
  • For manually created practice/project sites, the section name should be sec1. For example, tst623, sec1, Manual Student
  • For official courses with multiple sections, the section names can be found in the Create Course Site tab under View/Edit Requested Sites. Hover under each section name of the course site; the section name will appear on hover. 
  • You can add the list of users to be bulk uploaded using a text editor app or by adding them to a Google Sheets or Excel spreadsheet and then downloading as a .csv or .txt file. 

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