Collaboration: Google Drive for Peer Review


Google Drive can support collaborative sharing of documents and annotation. Instructors can setup the folders structure and permissions to support a private space between specific participants and/or the whole class for peer review. One folder supports easier searching and navigating of participants’ work. Note Google Drive for peer review has no option for syncing grades into Brightspace’s gradebook.

Resources and Tools

Creating Drive Folders

  • Create a folder in your NYU Google Drive. 
  • Name the folder after the class session and semester.
  • Change the permissions and share with your participants.
    • Important: It’s best to grant “editor” roles so participants can upload documentation.
      • Emails can be found under Brightspace’s classlist.
    • Another option there is also the option to share with only NYU emails. This may require mentioning that participants avoid sharing out the link containing peers’ work. 
    • Avoid the option “anyone with a link” to protect participants’ work.
  • Note that you’ll get notifications from folders shared with you. To turn them off follow these steps.


  • Share the Google Drive link in the syllabus. This will serve as the home link that can be included (copied and pasted) anywhere else in brightspace and email.
  • Depending on your participant uploading and grading expectations:
    • To create a grade column in Brightspace. Create an “Assignment” and change the submission type to “observed”. Then add the Google drive link into the Instructions section. This will create a column for that assignment under “Grades” to manually enter grades.
    • To avoid adding a grade column in Brightspace. Bypass creating an “Assignment” and insert the Google Drive link under the “Content” area.
  • Peer review considerations:
    • If you wish for participate, only see their reviewers' submissions. Consider not sharing the main class folder. Instead, create sub-folders named after the reviewers and share as “editor” roles to the folders for review participants or groups.
    • If you don’t wish to hide reviewers' work. Share the main class folder with everyone as “editor” roles and create sub-folders named review participants and groups.

Note that you can pre-share a list with participants on who they’re peer reviewing. This information can be included in Brightspace.

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