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NYU sponsors 2 polling tools:  Poll Everywhere and Zoom polling. Both tools support different polls, such as classic multiple choice, word clouds, short answer and upvoting, clickable image, competition, etc. Learners can also easily participant in polling via cellphone or laptop.




Polling Tools

  • Poll Everywhere: Best for in-person, online, or blended teaching modalities.
    • Connect a laptop to the classroom monitor and open an already created Polleverywhere.
    • To access the tool: select polleverywhere.com/login
      • Type your full NYU email address (include the @nyu.edu).
      • Select Login with New York University.
      • Select from the different polling options.
    • To open the poll, we recommend these steps (in a Polleverywhere poll’s top-right corner).
      • If you wish to record learner’s names in the polling results. Then, set the Audience Restriction & Identity to Restrict to Registered Participants Only. This means learners will beed to signin to their Poll Everywhere accounts via their NYU emails. 
      • Another option is Make the poll open to everyone. This will not record learners’ names in the polling results.


  • Select “Present
  • To find polling results, select Reports in Poll Everywhere’s top-left menu.

  • Zoom Poll: Best for online or blended teaching modalities.
    • Select nyu.zoom.us
      • Login to Zoom.
    • Select the Meetings tab in the top-left menu.
    • Select Polls/Quizzes
    • Select either option:
      • Polls: simple and classic 
        • Single or multiple choice polls
      • Advanced Polls: includes more robust poll options
        • Single, multiple choice polls, short or long answer, ranking, order, and single or multiple choice.
        • It’s optional to enable required or show as a dropdown for learners to answer.
    • To launch the  polls in Zoom.
      • First, double-check that you’ve Enabled the polls in the nyu.zoom.us Meetings.
        • Note that only 10 polls can be enabled at a time. Deactivate the polls you wish not to use.
      • Open a Zoom meeting where you’re the host.
      • Select polls/quizzes on the bottom menu.
      • Hover your cursor over the poll you wish to launch and select Launch.
    • Additional Mentions:
      • Poll and Advanced single choice can generate breakout rooms based on learner’s poll responses. This can be enabled when setting up a poll question.


  • To find Zoom polling results, select nyu.zoom.us
    • Select Reports in the top-left corner
    • Under Usage Reports, select Meeting.
    • Under Meeting Report
      • Find the date of the meeting
      • Select Poll Results from the dropdown.
      • Select Search


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