Exams & Quizzes: Respondus Guide for Participants


Respondus is an online exam proctoring software with a Lockdown Browser. Participants access exams using Respondus by navigating to a Brightspace course’s Quizzes. An exam using Respondus will include a prompt to download it onto your laptop/computer device. If you experience any issues opening Respondus, please refer to the FAQ section in this guide.



NYU Respondus download

Student Guide

Bobst Library Laptop Loans

  • Laptops with Respondus will be available for 4-hour or overnight loans (on campus). Note these are first-come-first-serve devices so please arrive early to secure a device.

For additional information or assistance, email steinhardt.technology@nyu.edu


Tips for Participants

  • Access Respondus early via Chrome. 
  • Find a comfortable and quiet location with reliable wifi.
  • Turn off or silence mobile devices and phones to minimize distractions.
  • LockDown Browser will prevent other windows or applications from opening. The browser lockdown will continue until the exam is submitted.
  • If prompted to close a program (e.g. screen capture, etc), always choose “Yes.

Troubleshooting FAQ

  • The Respondus download is being flagged as a virus.
    • Disabled virus protection because it’s blocking the application.
  • Can I use an iPad?
    • Ask the Administrative Director if it’s enabled.
    • If it is enabled, then download Respondus from the App Store.
    • Note that an iPad doesn't work with live proctor Zoom recording.
  • The password isn’t working.
    • Email the Administrative Director ASAP.
  • My camera won’t start or keeps closing.
    • If prompted to close a program (e.g. screen capture, etc), always choose “Yes.
    • Be sure that the NYU Zoom application is installed on your device.
    • Update your Zoom application (this is particularly helpful if the camera and exam keep closing)
    • Close any applications using your camera.
    • Double-check that Chrome browser extensions that may use your camera are off the “Managing Extensions” section.
    • Restart your device if nothing above is working.
  • I tried the solutions above and nothing works.

Email steinhardt.technology@nyu.edu and include screenshots and an explanation of the issue ASAP.

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