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iPads and Apple Pencils support annotating and writing. The tools’ can be used in Zoom’s whiteboard and presentation software, such as Keynote and PowerPoint. Instructors can move around with the tools and use its functions before and/or during a presentation. This can support learning by offering ways to write complex equations (written and LaTex), annotate areas of an image, record ideas onto a whiteboard, etc. 


Credit: Apple Education Credit: Thomas Sendgraff


Campus Media Classroom Support

  • Request one-on-one demonstration.
  • Requests iPad and other technology loaners.

30 Time-Saving Tips for Teachers

Screen Sharing

Start a Zoom session from an iPad. Select the Share Content option. 

Next, either:

  • Select Whiteboard to open and draw on a blank space.
  • Select Screen to access and share a presentation.
    • Keynote and Powerpoint support iPad annotation. Note that Google Slides doesn't support drawing on the slides, but can be exported to other presentation formats. 

Teaching Modalities

  • Online 
  • Use PowerPoint for Keynote.
  • Start a Zoom meeting from the iPad.
  • Select Share Content. 
  • Select Screen.
  • Open your presentation.
  • Optional:  use both a laptop and iPad to join the same meeting. Then toggle between 
  • 2 devices - one for the presentation and the other for a whiteboard.
  • In-person
    • Use PowerPoint or Keynote.
    • Start a Zoom meeting from the iPad.
    • Connect the iPad to a classroom monitor. Note to disable the audio.
    • Share your screen for presentation or the whiteboard depending on your goal.


  • Practice before live instruction.
  • Double-check the battery of the iPad and Apple Pencil before live instruction.
  • Presentations can have blank slides serving the purpose of a whiteboard. This may reduce toggling between presentation screen share and Zoom whiteboard.
  • Optional: Instructors can connect both an iPad and laptop to the same Zoom session and toggle between devices.
  • Note that not all NYU rooms contain the same equipment (monitors, etc.) and technology needs.  Therefore, we recommend finding a Campus Media support technician. 

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