Assessment & Evaluation: Grading Schemes


    • Introduction

      A grade scheme (aka grading calculation equivalency of letter grades) composed of different levels of achievement that translate into letter grades. There is no central policy about how numeric grades translate to letter grades. It is up to your school's discretion and Brightspace has a flexible gradebook feature to select pre-created or custom schemes. 



      • First, find out if your school has a uniform scheme. 
      • Add your scheme in multiple places for students: 
        • Syllabus
        • Brightspace “Gradebook” under “New Scheme” (image below). Then, select your scheme when you use the “Setup Wizard”. 
      • If your scheme is not in Brightspace, you can create a custom scheme to reuse in different classes.
        • Feel free to request a consultation with an Instructional Designer via


      • A classic scheme has the letter grade as the symbol with an assigned value % range.


      Assigned Value %

      F 0
      D 63
      D+ 67
      C- 70

      • Schemes can contain custom symbols as the “grade” that work with set grade ranges 

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