Autobiography Cover 


Autobiography Cover 



In-person meetings, online or concurrent classes (preferably with more than 15-20 people)



10-20 Minutes



Ask participants to create a cover of their autobiography. The cover must include a title and at least one image. Remind everyone that we’re not here to “judge a book by its cover”. This is a safe space and all creations are welcomed. Give participants time to think, reflect and create. About 10 minutes for creation will suffice. Then depending on time, ask only a few volunteers or everyone to debrief. We recommend the facilitator also participate and sharing their cover. 



  • For in-person, give inperson participants a piece of paper and pencils. Color is optional.
  • For online, share a jamboard with pre-created jamboard canvases. If you’re asking for a debrief, enable the participants screensharing feature.
    • You could also invite participants to find paper and pencil and physically draw. A Jamboard will be useful for anyone without the supplies.
  • For concurrent, prepare paper and pencils and jamboards. 
  • The prompt can be changed to anything reflective. The goal is to be open-ended and let others get to know you. For example:
  • Drawing of mountains and sun with a birch tree in the foreground.
    • Favorite place in the world.
    • Biggest role model.
    • Dream career.


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