Backward Name


Backward Name



Participants who don’t know each other's names yet. In-person, online, and concurrent participants.



10 - 15 minutes.



  1. Participants arrange in a circle (in-person) or ask for volunteers (online).
  2. Let students know they can write down when they hear. This may help them figure out the name.
  3. One at a time, participants say their name backward. Give a model example of a participant saying, “Hi, my name is Samoth!”, which is Thomas.
    1. Note if your name is the same, then say you’ll be doing your middle or last name. E.g. Bob or Anna.
  4. Peers’ guess the name before moving onto the next participant.



  • Change the word to something else, such as your favorite food or pet name.
    • Note this might be useful for groups that already know each other.

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