Class Coat of Arms


Class Coat of Arms



This is a great idea for an in-person class (or online). This can be done as a larger group, or in smaller groups/pairs. If the course is using group-projects, consider having the groups create a “coat of arms” as an ice-breaker activity.



10-15 minutes



  1. Have teams create your class (or project) coat of arms. 
  2. Each coat of arms should containing the following:
    1. something that represents a recent achievement (accomplished goal, or career success) 
    2. something that reflects your team/class values 
    3. something that represents where you see the tean/class going in the future (future goals, or even career ambition) 
  3. Post the finished coat of arms on the classroom wall, or in the course site (content page, or even a discussion forum).



  • We recommend keeping this activity unstructured. Allow students the time and space to create something that is meaningful to them. 
  • This can also be a singular activity (not a group activity). Have students present their coat of arms to the entire class, or to small groups.

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