Department Trivia


Department Trivia



Anyone can participate in this activity, in-person or online! It helps for participants to be not entirely new to the community so that they can participate. This can work in a large or small group.



10-15 Minutes



  • Looking for a quick and easy team-building activity that is also suitable for remote cultures? Come up with a series of questions specific to your community and test your group’s knowledge. 
    • "What color are the kitchen tiles?" 
    • “How many classrooms are there?”
    • “How many total students are in this program?” 
    • "How many people/instructors are in this department/program?"
    • "How many windows are there on our department floor?" 
    • "What brand are the computer monitors?" 
    • “What is the name of our building?”


  • This can be a quick team-building activity that tests how observant your team is and can be done in both a conference room and over Zoom. It can also be a nice way to introduce an organization to newcomers.

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