Digital Pictionary


Digital Pictionary



Best for online participants only. Perfect for small group sizes up to 15, but can be adapted for larger groups. This helps engage and motivate participants through low-stakes and peer-to-peer community building.



Depending on size, 10 - 20 minutes.


  1. Give a disclaimer:  What you make matters. There is no right or wrong way to be creative
  2. Enable “Whiteboard” in Zoom. 
  3. Give 1 minute: Ask participants to use the sticky note option. Ask participants to list one person, place, or thing that one peer will draw. Students will add the sticky note to the larger whiteboard for the other participants to see. 
    1. Protip: encourage participants to add as many ideas as they want. One idea per sticky note!
  4. Participants will take turns creating a new whiteboard, selecting and drawing someone else’s sticky note.
  5. Students are given 1 minute to draw (no text or talking allowed)! The objective is not to reveal which sticky note was selected
  6. The group will try to guess what is being drawn. The participant or you use the whiteboard pencil tool to cross off the sticky note. 
  7. Students can create a new drawing board for their turn.



  • For larger courses or just for time constraints in general, when students share consider either:
    • Select or have some students volunteer to draw.
    • Split class into teams.
  • Note: Learners sticky notes can be content specific terms, definitions, or processes.
    • For example, a teaching program student can draw an ice-breaker image.
    • Also, The instructor can add the stickynote options for specific content to target.
  • Ask learners to be thoughtful about their stickynote. Keep them guessable, e.g. one word or statements that you’re peers will have a chance at recognizing. 
  • Optional: Feel free to go first to show students what you expect. e.g . drawing and then after guessing concludes - creating a new whiteboard “canvas and crossing off the selected peer’s stickynote.



  • It’s best to keep prompts open-ended to generate a wide range of ideas. However, instructors can re-populate the whiteboard with content-specific stickynotes. 
  • Example prompts:
    • What makes you smile?
    • What makes you frown?
    • Favorite Food?
    • Favorite thing in x, y, z?


Whiteboard with various stickynotes that have terms on each (terms like "muscles", "nutrition", "Funghi", and "cells"

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