Icebreaker Bingo


Icebreaker Bingo



In-person meetings & classes (preferably with more than 15-20 people)



10-15 Minutes



Print out an Icebreaker Bingo sheet for each person who will be playing.  The Bingo sheet has multiple boxes, each with a statement.  The objective is to mingle among the other students and find someone who fits each statement.  When you find a person who fits a particular statement, have them write their name or initials in the corresponding box.  For example, if there is a box on your Icebreaker Bingo sheet that says “is left-handed”, you would mingle among your participants to find a left-handed person who could then sign their name in that box.


Bingo Worksheet



  • You can adjust the length of this activity based on the size of your group.  10-15 minutes seems to be a good length.
  • If you have enough people, consider setting a rule where a given participant can only sign one box per sheet.  This will encourage everyone to mingle and meet more people.
  • Try playing upbeat music in the background.  This sets the tone for a positive and fun!
  • We don’t encourage handing out prizes to the person who gets their sheet filled out the fastest.  This does not promote meaningful interactions, which is counterproductive to the activity.  You could give a small reward to everyone who fills their sheet or you can collect all of the completed sheets and randomly draw a couple for prizes.  (Remember, the real prize is the opportunity to make new connections!)

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