Now and in the Future


Now and the Future



Inperson, online, or blended meeting. This is a great activity for a small groups sizes or large groups split into small groups. It’s an excellent way to see and learning about peers’ goals.



10 Minutes



  • Ask each learner to grab a standard piece of paper around 8x12.
  • Fold the paper into four rectangles/squares.
  • Instruct learners they’ll be starting in the top-left corner.
  • Tell learners the prompts (below) and they’ll be drawing each prompt in their own rectangle/square:
  • In relation to your overall life goals:
    • How is your life currently?
    • How will you life be in 1 year?
    • How will your life be in 5 years?
    • How will your life be in 10 years?
  • Instruction participants to spend 20 seconds to think and then start. 
  • Recommend drawing for only 1 minute on each square.
  • Recommend a 1 minute max share out to the whole class or small group from each learner.



  • Online students:
    • Create small groups with breakout rooms in Zoom.
    • If learners don’t have paper and a writing utensil, ask them to create a Google Jamboard. 
  • For large groups:
    • Try to keep groups to 3 - 4.

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