Proactive Check-in


Proactive Check-in



In-person, online, and concurrent participants. Activity helps instructor check-in with participants at the beginning of class. The information can provide a proactive and quick read on how participants feel about a specific area. This can be used to revisit or suggest different content or gauge comfortable level of audience before a workshop.



5 - 10 minutes



  • Start at the beginning.
  • Introduce the prompt.
    • Examples:
      • What is your comfortable level with this XYZ content area? 
      • Do you feel prepared for the exam this week?
      • How clearly did author XYZ explain content XYZ?
  • Optional: let participants know they can give a short explanation.
  • Give participants around 30 seconds to think.
  • Consider starting out to model expectations and create ease. Choose a number and explain why.
    • E.g. I’m feeling like a 7 today because I stayed up late studying.
  • Variables:
    • Polling and Jamboards and save time.
    • Depending on class size, ask for a few volunteers or give each participant a chance to share their number and explain.
    • Polling or jamboard have anonymous features.


Available Tools

  • Poll Everywhere (example)
  • Zoom Polling
  • Jamboard (example)
  • A non-tech option is to ask students.



  • Inperson:
    • Poll Exerywhere
  • Online: 
    • Jamboard
    • Poll Everywhere or Zoom poll
  • Concurrent:
    • Poll Everywhere or Zoom poll

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