Virtual Scavenger Hunt


Virtual Scavenger Hunt



Any online meeting (works best if everyone is online and in their home)



5-7 minutes “searching”

3-5 minutes “sharing”



You will have 5-7 minutes to scavenge your home/apartment/backpack/internet to display one item or image for each of the 4 categories. Find....

  • Something you love
  • Something you hate
  • Something that reminds you of home (could be your home now, or where you were born/raised)
  • Something new


Once you have called the participants back to the meeting, invite participants to share their items. If it’s a small group, each person can take a term. If it’s larger, ask for volunteers to raise their hand.



  • If someone is not in their residence, feel free to make this a “google” experience. Invite the participant to search online for images of each of these categories.
  • If the lesson is focused on a certain topic (like food or culture), invite participants to find items pertaining to the unit’s theme.

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