Turn on your Camera if?


Turn Your Camera On If 



Any online meeting (participants must be online). This is a great activity for both small groups and very very large groups. It’s an excellent way to create quick engagement and can be tailored to any group or discipline.



5 Minutes



Ask all of your participants to turn their cameras off.  Explain that you will read a statement and if that statement applies to them, they should turn their camera on.  Be sure to have gallery view enabled!


have worked at your present job for 5 or more years

grew up in a different state than NY

have 3 or more kids

were in the marching band at your school

are a vegetarian or vegan

know a famous person

enjoy scuba diving

can play the piano

have a tattoo

love to sing karaoke

have grandchildren

once made a New Year’s resolution and kept it

are an alumni of NYU

have ever cried during a movie

can speak language other than english

practice yoga

have traveled to Africa

know how to water ski

are prepared for the zombie apocalypse

have been on a blind date

can do a cartwheel

don’t have Netflix

have completed a marathon

are wearing sweatpants or shorts right now

don’t drink coffee

have studied abroad

like brussel sprouts

can salsa dance

own a motorcycle

have been to a drive-in movie

believe that Bigfoot exists

believe that extraterrestrials exist

live on the water

have won money at a casino

are a published author

graduated from 2 different universities

are a military veteran

have climbed a mountain



  • This is a great way to get all participants to keep their cameras on for the meeting. When you read a series of statements, be sure that the last statement is one that ALL of your participants will agree with (example: you want a million dollars). This way they will all turn their cameras on. You can follow up by saying, “Thank you all for turning your cameras on. I will invite you to leave your camera on so that we can continue to interact.”

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