AI: Tips for Writing Assignments


This guide shares some getting-started AI tips for instructors to harness in the classroom.


Proactive Tips & Suggestions

  • Syllabus:
    • Think about a policy (reference the resource above) that communicates your expectations and potential penalties regarding AI-usage in your class and assignments
  • Writing assignments:
    • Options to track if a student used AI:
      • Ask students to work only in one individual Google Doc. View their track changes history to show their writing and editing process.
      • Ask students to write a short paper in class to then compare and contrast with the official paper submission.
      • Consider draft cycles that build upon the participants' writing process.
    • Suspect AI usage is not aligned with your policy.
      • If you do notice a difference, don’t automatically suspect a student used AI. Instead, hold a meeting to ask either/or:
        • Did you use AI?
        • Can provide credible evidence to support specific XYZ claims I found in your paper?
    • Make it personalized:
      • Encourage students to choose a topic that connects to their lives and future goals.
    • If you encourage AI usage:
      • Detail how you will allow students to use AI:
        •  Examples are brainstorming topics, grammar checking, etc.
      • Consider including AI in assessment:
        • Include it in your rubric.
        • Ask students to explain their AI process in the paper's appendix.
  • AI & tutoring:
    • Consider AI as a lite-tutor role for students when the Instructor, TA, and resource centers may not always be available at different times and weekends
      • For example, a student may have a question during off-times regarding coursework. However, it's important to be clear with students that AI isn’t always correct. AI serves as just one point of information, and it's their responsibility to check credibility and reasoning.

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