AI: Creating Prompts with AI


Creating prompts for discussions and assignments can be challenging, time-consuming, and require flexibility. AI can generate a list of diverse and personalized prompts connected to your objectives that help meet student’s’ unique learning needs.



  • 2 places to start.
    • Brainstorm new or revise previous prompts. Connect the prompts to your objectives.
    • Consider accessibility, such as what discussion strategies will give students choices that best aligns with their interests in relation to XYZ content from class.
  • Considerations for how to ask AI to create prompts:
    • Use the points below to craft a clear question for AI:
      • Ask for a Discussion or Assignment prompt.
      • Include your student audience (higher education freshmen).
      • Include your specific subject area (music theory 101).
      • Be specific with the XYZ content or section of resource you’re covering.
      • Ask for ways to assess students’ performance.
    • Example: Make a discussion prompt for higher education freshman in music theory 101 about an introduction to the Baroque period musicians. Create a criteria for how I should assess each student's performance in the discussion.
  • AI tools are more suitable for generating prompts tailored to specific activities.
    • ChatGPT:
      • Will generate prompts and assessments based on specific questions.
    • ChatPDF:
      • Will allow you to upload PDFs to ask specific questions about the content.
    • Parlay Ideas:
      • Is a discussion prompt generator from either typed-in information about a topic or uploaded content, such as a YouTube video or an article. It could assist with Annotation activities using a prompt or ‘'seeding,' which involves adding pre-annotated prompts to guide students using Perusal in Brightspace.
  • AI will generate a list of suggestions you should tailor to better fit your content, objectives, and choice of wording. 
  • Please note that we ask no student information to go into AI tools for FERPA compliance.

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