Our Values


Our Values



In-person or online classes for small groups sizes or large groups split into small groups.



15 - 20 Minutes



  • Give an introduction of the activity and what values are.
    • Beliefs that we hold as important to the way be navigate live and work.
    • Values determine priorities, influence decisions, and can subconsciously set expectations.
    • When the things don’t match or match our values, we can have a reaction. 
  • Demo and ask each participate to create an individual post-its for their top 3 values for 3 minutes.
    • Use ideaboardz.com for post-its
    • Here is a list of examples to get participants thinking.
  • We take 1 minute to look as a whole group at themes. Ask participants to up vote similar values they also hold, but didn’t post.
  • Now challenge participants take a 1 minute to select their top value. Participant’s are also free to change to one of their peer’s values.
  • Instruct participants to create either a poem, mural, or combination that represents their value for 5 - 10 minutes.
    • Participants can use a piece of paper, Google Doc, or digital whiteboard. 
    • Note to give participants a 1 minute warning.
  • Have each participant share out and give a short explanation for 5 - 10 minutes.



  • For in-person classrooms, consider either:
    • Projecting a collaborative whiteboard from a computer in class. E.g. Miro
    • Using large sized sticky post-its and hand writing students’ verbal contributions.
    • Participants use 
  • For large classrooms, consider breaking into groups.
    • Ask only some small groups to share with the whole group.

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