Systems & Security

We support, troubleshoot, and maintain Steinhardt information systems for faculty, staff, and researchers. These systems provide an infrastructure and includes, but is not limited to, NYU Active Directory, data storage, server hosting, and workflows.

Steinhardt Server Maintenance Schedule


Protecting NYU-managed laptops, desktops, and servers is essential to reducing the overall risk of cybersecurity threats. Securing the University is a shared responsibility, and we appreciate your support in helping us achieve our goals. 


All Steinghrdt serves are updated on a monthly schedule on the third and fourth week of each month. The following services are assessed and updated using the maintenance schedule below:


Week 1 (Third week of the month)

  • Steinhardt Remote Apps
  • Titanium CSD (Application, Web, and SQL Servers) 
  • Art Department Rhino Server
  • Technology Services (Backend Servers: Syskit, Netwrix, and STS32VMSQL02)


Week 2 ( Fourth week of the month)

  • Steinhardt Virtual Desktops (CSD, CCCW, and Nordoff) 
  • Steinstorage (S Drive)
  • Titanium CCCW (Application, Web, and SQL Servers) 
  • Steinhardt Legacy Print Server
  • Technology Services (Backend Servers: Data Warehouse Servers)

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