Zoom: Exporting Zoom Attendance


NYU Zoom has the functionality to view and export a list of participants for a particular Zoom meeting. This guide will provide instructions on how to access and download attendance reports from NYU Zoom. 



  • Sign into nyu.zoom.us
    • Note we recommend enabling the “Require authentication to join” option for future meetings. This will require participants to sign into Zoom and capture their emails in the attendance report.
  • Select “Reports” in the left-side menu.

  • Select “Usage” under the Usage Reports tab.

  • Search for your meeting within the table below.
    • Note that meetings can be searched by date ranges.
    • Note maximum report duration is 1 month at a time (will show you one month worth of meetings but you can set the date ranges for whenever you like).

  • Scroll right to the “Participants” column.


  • Select the number within the Participants column. 
    • Note this excludes participants who were in the waiting room and not admitted to the meeting.
    • A “Meetings Participant” report will appear.
    • Note the optional “export with meeting data” checkbox will include meeting ID, meeting title, and total participants. 
    • Note the optional “show unique users” checkbox shows participants’ names and duration totals. E.g. if a participant left and rejoined multiple times, this option consolidates their total duration. 


  • Select the “Export” button on the top-right corner of the “Meeting Participants” report window.


  • The report will download onto your device.


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