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Request: Piloting New Tools

Service Summary

NYU Steinhardt employees are often looking for new tools or services to enhance their teaching or research practices. Similarly, administrators are often on the hunt for tools to increase productivity or streamline workflow. Steinhardt Technology Services can assist employees with procuring tools for a pilot. If the pilot is successful, we will consider budging for larger scaled adoption.


Before any new tool is piloted, requirements will be gathers and use cases will be created. Vendors will be evaluated on these requirements.  It is unlikely that the tool selected for pilot will meet all the requirements. Certain tools require paid subscriptions in order for certain functionality to be turned on. If there is a cost associated with the pilot, an agreement will be made outlining who is responsible for funding the pilot.

If the pilot is successful and larger scaled adoption is considered, functionality factors will be more heavily considered and weighed.

Scoping out requirements for a new tool can take several months. 


All tools must be vetted and approved in coordination with the following University regulations:

  • Security and Data Compliance
  • Contract Administration and Vendor Management
  • Accessibility

Cost and Charges

Even if a tool is free, it must be vetted and legally approved.

On a per pilot basis, if a tool has a cost associated, an agreement will be made regarding funding responsibility. 

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