About the Team

Steinhardt Technology Services is made up of five functional areas:

We partner with other service teams to deliver technology services to the Steinhardt community. Our Service partners at NYU Steinhardt include:


Academic Technology and Usability

Kelsey Buttendorf

Kelsey Buttendorf

Senior Director, Academic Technology

Email: kelsey.buttendorf@nyu.edu

Kelsey Buttendorf received her Master‘s Degree in Digital Media Design for Learning from NYU Steinhardt, and has received her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a Minor in Anthropology from Quinnipiac University. Her experience as a teacher prompted her to recognize the lack of a technology-enhanced education in early education classrooms, which piqued her initial interest in educational technology. She is specifically interested in the generational adoption of digital literacy and a digital citizenship curriculum from PK through Higher Ed; where the unified goals are to create a college-ready student and a career-ready graduate. Kelsey’s interests include (but are not limited to) Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.


Siobhan Wilmot-Dunbar

Siobhan Wilmot-Dunbar

Senior Instructional Designer

Email: siobhan.wilmotdunbar@nyu.edu

Siobhan Wilmot-Dunbar is a Senior Instructional Designer within NYU Steinhardt's Academic Technology team. She earned her BA in Computer Science with a minor in Digital Design and a MsEd in Educational Technology from Pace University. Siobhan is passionate about technology's implementations especially in learning, teaching others, and being creative, and she is most excited about utilizing technology to enhance the overall educational experience through creative design and innovative approaches. Siobhan's interests and hobbies include playing musical instruments, DIY & crafting, and photography. And on a given day hot or cold, you just might find her with a cup of tea in hand!


Parker Hollingsworth

Parker Hollingsworth

Senior Digital Learning Designer

Email: pah351@nyu.edu

Parker is a Senior Digital Learning Designer on NYU Steinhardt’s Academic Technology team. Through his work, he strives to create accessible course content and implement innovative instructional design methodologies into in-person and online classrooms. He received his bachelor’s degree in Game Design for Adaptive Learning from the NYU Gallatin School of Individualized Study. His main focus in research and study is in implementing emerging educational technology and design to provide personalized learning for students often left behind.


Kevin Zhao

Training and Development Coordinator

Email: kdz1@nyu.edu

Kevin Zhao is a Training and Development Coordinator for the Academic Technology team, helping create workshops and training for the Steinhardt NYU community. He has a background in Information Technology and Graphic Design, and is always looking for new software to experiment with. Outside of work, Kevin enjoys playing competitive multiplayer games and obsessing over new music. 


Thomas Sendgraff

Instructional Designer

Email: ts4872@nyu.edu 

Thomas Sendgraff is an Instructional Designer for the Academic Technology team. Thomas earned his MA in Instructional Technology & Media from Teachers College, Columbia University. During his studies, he focused on makerspace education, educational technology, and evidence-based pedagogical theories and practices. He previously held an Instructional Designer role at Princeton University’s McGraw Center for Teaching and Learning. Where he researched educational technologies, supported faculty, and taught workshops. His interests include being an artist that works with paint, stained glass, children’s books, and digital animation. He has taught art workshops at the Cherry Street Pier in Philadelphia. He has also displayed artwork at Princeton University and the National Liberty Museum in Philadelphia. 

Systems and Security 


Ashawn Knight

Ashawn Knight

Director Systems and IT Security

Email: ak8104@nyu.edu 

Ashawn Knight is responsible for implementing processes and systems, such as automation and proactive measures. While his main focus is to provide safeguards and protocols to ensure proper security posture, across Technology Services and the larger Steinhardt community.

Ashawn has a Masters Degree in Network Security and a Bachelor’s in Computer Science. When he is not marveling over the latest tech gadget he spends his time volunteering at his church, doing more tech stuff. In addition, he mentors the local youth on living a positive, unique and fun lifestyle.



Ronnie Guzman

Systems Technician

Email: rg3878@nyu.edu

Ronnie is an IT Support Technician with Steinhardt Technology Service. He is enthusiastic about technology and has a passion for helping others. He enjoys spending time with his family and furthering his knowledge to better serve the NYU community. Ronnie got his bachelor's in computer information systems from Lehman College. 

Audio Visual Media Operations and

Desktop Support

Raymond Pfaff

Raymond Pfaff

Director, Audio Visual Media Operations and Desktop

Email: raymond.pfaff@nyu.edu

 Ray is the Director of Audio-Visual Media at Steinhardt. He is also a freelance graphic designer and is the Head of Digital Creation for a small publishing group, Ascalon Press. Ray graduated from the Macaulay Honors College, CUNY, with a dual degree in Corporate Communication and Digital Design and received his MA from the New School in Media Studies. Ray has been actively working within the fields of media and academics for over eight years. He is constantly seeking new ways to help the community identify their media needs. In his free time, Ray is storyboarding, drawing character designs, seeking to eat his way through the cities he visits and restoring his beloved ‘78 Pontiac Trans AM.


Bruce Bickley

Bruce J. Bickley

Audio Visual Technologist

Email: BB135@nyu.edu 

Bruce J. Bickley is one of the newest members of the NYU Steinhardt community, joining in the summer of 2019. A native of the Bronx, he started his higher education at the Borough of Manhattan Community College studying Corporate and Cable Communications before continuing at the New School studying Media Production, with a focus on screenwriting. He spent over fifteen years working at The New School’s IT department before joining the Steinhardt team. He brings with him an intensive background in media field production, mostly as a freelance sound designer, but lately, he has been spending his spare time as a freelance video editor.



23-0581-448 (1).jpg


Matthew Alan Lester

Audio Visual Technologist

Email: matthew.lester@nyu.edu

Matthew Alan Lester, an Audio Visual Media Technologist with NYU Steinhardt’s Academic Technology Services team, brings over two decades of experience in higher education, with over a decade dedicated to NYU. Grounded and approachable, Matt harmoniously combines technical expertise with a genuine passion for fantasy and science fiction. Amid troubleshooting and supporting learning resources, Matt finds joy in crafting imaginative worlds through creative writing, drawing inspiration from the many realms of fiction. His academic journey at NYU includes a Master’s degree in Individualized Study (Myth, Narrative, and Storytelling) from Gallatin, a Certificate in Creative Writing from SPS, and a Diploma in Cybersecurity, also from SPS. Prior to joining NYU, Matt earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication Technology and Film Studies from The Ohio State University. Matt’s hobbies and interests include creative writing, comic books, gaming, reading, and more. An unassuming human by day, he has been known to transform into an elf wizard by night but remains a hobbit at heart.


Cliff Rene

Cliff Rene

Manager of Desktop Support

Email: cliff.rene@nyu.edu

 Cliff is the Manager of Desktop Support at Steinhardt Technology Services. He loves helping people get the most out of technology. When he is not doing that he enjoys reading, visiting art museums and walks in the Brooklyn Botanical Garden. He is also a Trekkie! Previously he worked at Apple's Genius Bar as a senior Mac technician and technical trainer.

 Ryan Tolliver

Ryan Tolliver

Tier 2 Support Technician

Email: rdt3@nyu.edu

Ryan has been with Steinhardt Technology Services since 2016. First as a Contract technician and then as a Full-Time Support Technician. Ryan has solved over 2000 in-person tickets and has become a sign of assurance and reliability when met with computer issues. Ryan lives in West Harlem with his Grandmother. Ryan spends his free time working with Open Source Android, shopping at Coach or dodging cars and potholes while skating around in the busy city.




Lucas Suarez-Orozco

Senior Helpdesk Operation Administrator

Email: lso3@nyu.edu  

Lucas has been with Steinhardt Technolgy Services since 2015. First as a part-time technician and then as an Admin Aid. In 2018 Lucas became the Senior Helpdesk Operations Administrator and was put in charge of Zendesk, Steinhardt Technolgy Services ticketing system. Lucas lives in Western Mass with his wife Lea and dog Lando. Lucas spends his free time watching horror movies and hiking. 




Zack Riccardelli


Zack Riccardelli is an Operations Administrator within NYU Steinhardt's Academic Technology
team. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Management from Siena College. He has experience
in procurement support and high-quality customer service. In his role, Zack is responsible for
developing internal procurement procedures and managing key administrative operations for
Steinhardt Technology Services. During his free time, he enjoys reading, outdoor activities and
watching horror movies.


Art Technology


Paula Rondon

Digital Studios Manager

Email: paula.rondon@nyu.edu 

Paula Rondon is the Digital Studio Manager for the Department of Art and Art Professions. In her role, Paula is responsible for managing the Barney building's digital labs, as well as maintaining Barney computers and classroom technology. She has been with the department since 2012, where she received her BFA in Studio Art. Paula is a Brooklyn-based artist with a passion for snorkeling and ocean conservation. Her work is inspired by all things marine, and her home state of Florida. 



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