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Instructional Design: Getting Started

What is the time commitment to design a course with Academic Technology?

The answer to this varies from person to person and between courses, credit hours, and even teaching strategy. If the course is to be designed and fully developed in a 2-3 month window (estimate to spend 15-17 weeks working), we recommend the course lead allocate 10-15 hours a week working on their course. If the course handover date is six months out, less than 5 hours a week is appropriate. The important thing to remember is that the course will only develop as quickly as the amount of time put into its development by the Course Lead. As long as the deadlines are being met and the quality of work is high, course leads are free to determine their weekly time commitment as they see fit.

What is the compensation for engaging in course design with Academic Technology (AT)?

Compensation is determined by the Office of Academic Affairs and will be made in agreement with the Academic Department.

What needs to be completed in order to move forward (agreement)?

All approved course design projects must have a course development agreement signed. This process will be initiated by the Office of Academic Operations.

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