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Request: Online Course Support

Service Summary

When courses are developed in collaboration with Academic Technology, they need to be supported and “refreshed” each semester that the course and/or sections run.


When an online or hybrid course goes “live” or runs for the designated semester, we call it “in-flight”. Academic Technology will support the course throughout that in-flight period (the duration of the course semester).

We will not assist with major content or curriculum changes while the course is in mid-flight. We don’t do this because we need to maintain the course site’s integrity and editing the site while it is live could potentially break certain functionalities. We will always support a course when it is in-flight but for maintenance and troubleshooting requests only.

Course Rollovers and Refreshes

Before a course needs to run again (say the next year or the next term), several things need to happen. First, we need to roll over the site from the Master copy to the official course site which is linked to Albert. Second, we need to run through a checklist of updates (open/close assignment dates, gradebook set up, reorganize the toolbar, reactivate forums, etc.).

The whole refresh process takes about 3 weeks and we need to be alerted of the refresh about 2 months in advance to ensure proper resourcing. 

While we will do much of the technical work, we rely on the faculty to help us with due dates, opening/closing dates of the course modules, arranging student groups, etc. Much of the refresh is contingent on faculty participation and responsiveness.


We will only provide in-flight and rollover/refresh support for courses which are designed and built by Academic Technology (both formally or Informally; see Course Design Support).


We can not provide support for synchronous courses past 5:00 PM and on the weekends. 

2U and Hot Chalk Courses. 



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