Inclusion & Accessibility: Pulse Checks

What is a Pulse Check?

A pulse check quickly takes the "pulse" of the classroom and can tell the instructor how students are feeling/experiencing in the classroom so far. Pulse checks can answer questions like:

  1. How is the amount of content so far? Too much? Too light? Just right?
  2. Misunderstandings of content or concepts that need clarification.
  3. Desires for additional engagement or interaction (are they looking for more opportunities to talk to fellow students).
  4. Confusion over the assignment instructions.

How often should I administer a Pulse Check?

Whenever you feel is appropriate. You can do it weekly at the end of class or embedded within the course site (we recommend the check be very brief if it is to be administered weekly), or maybe every semester or once at midterm time.

How can I set this up?

There are a bunch of tools and strategies you can use to do this.


  • Ask students to fill out a paper survey at the end of class (this also helps with attendance gathering!)
  • In small groups, have students answer two questions ("What could be changed", "What is going great") and report to the class or compile notes to be shared with the instructor.


Additional support

Feel free to email the Academic Technology team at and let us know your course goals and how we can help you meet them.

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