Learner Engagement Use Annoto video Annotation to Increase Engagement


Watch, ask, learn, share. Bring the power of social learning to your video content. Initiate discussion amongst your viewers by utilizing the Annoto video tool.

What is Annoto?

Annoto is an in-video commenting tool that allows viewers to have interactive conversations within your course video. It provides a visual representation of your viewers' discussions.

Use Annoto to:

  • Contribute insightful content to video conversation
  • Allow students to collaborate with ideas
  • Interact and comment on key points
  • Provide feedback and reply quickly to commentary
  • Take notes within course videos

Increase Engagement and Class Interaction

Annoto gets your students to lean forward and turns passive video watching into an engaging and social activity. Students can learn with their peers, share ideas, and return to video content.


They can join in meaningful conversations and review all the interactions within the context of the video.

Viewers can ask questions on specific moments in the video lecture they didn’t understand, and get notified when answered. You can even quiz your audience with the Annoto tool.



Annoto can only be added from your course site’s media gallery. For instructions on how to add this tool, refer to How to Enable and Disable Annoto Tool

Use the Navigating the Annoto Comment Box to learn how to use the commenting features.

Additional Resources

Annoto Demo


For questions or to request an Annoto tutorial request,  please contact steinhart.technology@nyu.edu

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