Media: How to Enable and Disable Annoto Tool

 How to Enable Annoto

Annoto is available on NYU Classes or Brightspace within your course site’s media gallery. If your video does not automatically have the Annoto chat box icon, below is how you can enable it.

  1. Click the "Media Gallery" tab in the left column of the course site.


Note: if you don’t already have the Media Gallery tool enabled in your course, you will have to add it through the Settings in your menu.


 2Near the top right (just below “Help for this tool”), choose Edit” from the dropdown menu.


3. On the next page, in the Options section, check the box next to Enable Annoto in channel”


4. Click “Save” to enable Annoto in channel



Once Added, go to your media and click on the chat icon in the upper right-hand corner of the video.


You can now start adding comments and your viewers can also add comments and replies to your messages!

For more instructions on how to use the commenting feature, use this Navigating the Annoto Comment Box to get more information




How to Disable Annoto

If you want to remove video annotation from your video, follow the steps below on how to disable the tool.

1. Click on the individual piece of media within the Media Gallery. From the Actions menu below the media, select “Edit"


2. Click on the Options tab and check the box next to “Disable Annoto for this media”



For more information on the benefits of using Annoto, refer to Use Annoto to Increase Course Engagement

 For additional tutorials and training on how to use Annoto, submit a request below. 




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