Content Migration: Copying Content to an Active Brightspace Site


The copy components utility lets you copy quizzes, content, grade items, discussion forums, Assignments folders and nearly every other type of component from another Brightspace course offering or a course offering’s parent template. Copying course materials saves you from having to recreate your course's resources and can significantly reduce the amount of work required to create or re-offer a course. You can use the copy components feature to:

  • Reuse components created in a previous course offering.
  • Add components created by your peers into your own course offering.
  • Set up standard components inside a course template and copy them into a new course offering each time a course is re-offered.


Your ability to copy course materials between course offerings is determined by assigned permissions and enrollment in course offerings and parent templates. Check out this instructional video for more information on Copying (keep in mind, our NYU instance will look a bit different).


  1. In the course site that you want to copy course materials into, on the navbar, click More Tools > Copy from Another Site.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Select Copy from Another Site. Click Search for site and locate the course offering containing the materials you want to copy.


    • Click Add Selected.
  1. Do one of the following:
    • To copy all course materials, click Copy Entire Site. D2L recommends that you copy all materials between courses to ensure you maintain all desired associations, and then delete any undesired material in the new course.
    • To specify the materials you want to copy, click Select Materials to Copy. Select your course materials. To see details for course materials, click the The preview iconView Detail icon beside a component to see existing items. For those course materials that provide the option to include associated files, D2L recommends leaving the option turned on. Click Continue.
    • Select the Offset all dates of copied components check box and specify the days and hours that the dates should be offset by or calculate the range between two dates.
    • Click Finish.
  2. Do one of the following:
    • To copy another site, click Copy Another Site.
    • To see the results of your copy, click View Content.
    • To review and manage course dates, click Review and Manage Dates.

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