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The terms we use to talk about NYU Brightspace. To help clarify the meaning of our terms, we've created this glossary. An additional glossary of Brightspace functions and tools can be found here.


Course Migration The process of moving content from one system to another system (NYU Classes to NYU Brightspace).
Course Copy The process of copying course content in NYU Brightspace from one site to another site (all within NYU Brightspace).
Course Creation Creating a course site in NYU Brightspace by using the "Create Course Site" button in Brightspace. This generates a live site linked to NYU Albert (Registrar) data systems.
Course Activation/Publishing Publishing (or activating) a course in NYU Brightspace for students to access.
Page/Document Templates
Page templates are pre-designed/pre-populated content templates that are available within the text editor in the Content tool.
Primary Course Templates

Primary courses are fully-populated course designs that are intended to be copied forward into future course offerings. Schools and departments can design every aspect of the course, including:

  • Content modules / pre-populated content
  • Assignments
  • Quizzes
  • Discussions
Delegated Access In order to maintain consistent support, certain administrators at NYU Steinhardt have the ability to access any course should troubleshooting or support be requested.

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