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The following video is a walkthrough for setting up a course site on NYU's Learning Management System (LMS), Brightspace. This video tutorial goes over the Content, Assignment, Discussions, Announcement, Zoom, Quiz, and Grade tools. Captions are available by clicking the "CC" button on the player.

NYU Brightspace Walkthrough Video

Video Chapters (launches external window):


Creating a Course Site 

Content Tool: Creating Contents and Folders, Adding a Syllabus, Uploading Content, Making Content Visible, Adding From Google Drive

Course Pages: Creating Course Pages, Course Page Templates

Videos: Adding Links or Youtube Videos, Uploading Videos

Announcement Tool: Announcements

Zoom Tool: Zoom in Brightspace, Zoom Cloud Recordings 

Assignments Tool: Assignments Tool, Assignments Grade Item, Start/End/Due Dates, Enable TurnItIn, Assignment Visibility, Viewing Submissions

Discussions Tool: Discussions Tool, Adding a Forum, Adding a Topic, Linking to Content

Quiz Tool: Creating a Quiz, Quiz Sections, Quiz Grade Item, Quiz Visibility

Grade Tool: Setting up Grades, Adding Grade Items, Grade Category, Gradebook Example

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